Leaving the Straits and heading for the open sea!

So we’ve been traveling at over 12 knots (which is pretty fast for the JR) night and day during the transit so far, and we’re making great time. Scheduled to be onsite at Site U1443 by early morning on the 8th Dec (local time).

Screen Shot 2014-12-06 at 7.01.50 AM

map_6th dec

Another perk of being almost through the Malacca Straits is that it means we can step down our pirate alert level a little. Although we weren’t anticipating any big problems, and it’s a lot safer than waters off Somalia, there is still an issue with theft and piracy in the Straits that we need to be aware of. We’ve taken lots of precautions though, including posting watchmen to make sure no one can sneak up on us, and putting some mean-looking razor-wire around the boat as a deterrent.


Anyway, if I was a pirate, I wouldn’t fancy taking on a boat full of burly drillers and sailors!


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