Finding a moment to enjoy our beautiful planet

Afternoon all.

We are still getting fantastic Plio-Pleistocene cores from Site U1445 on the Indian margin, which as well of meaning some very exciting post-cruise research, also means lots of work for the sedimentologists this week!

So for the last 5 days I have exclusively been hunched over the microscope staring at smear slides, for 12 hours at a time:

chained to the microscope

[Silty clay, clayey silt…?…. choices, choices…]

I can now estimate clay abundance with a ~5% error within 10 seconds of looking at a slide. I am not sure if I am proud of this fact or not.

Anyway, all this core-on-the-floor severely limits my available blogging time (a girl needs to sleep), so in the interim please enjoy some pretty photos of the amazing sunsets we get out here. One of the many perks…

3_pink sunset low res     Sunsets rock low res

Curved sunbeam      Sunset on the JR_small

And let’s not forget the luminous moon. It was our second full moon of the expedition yesterday – a nice way to mark time out here. Only 3 weeks left!

moonrise at sunset       Moooooon

It’s important to take a 10 minute break from the lab from time to time….

Sunset admirer       A break from the lab to enjoy the sunset

… but now it’s time to get back to work!.

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